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The exchange was not what one might have expected between a judge and a criminal. But then again, the setting was not your typical courtroom--or courthouse, for that matter. Its quaintness inspires admiration from the judges, defense lawyers, prosecutors and others who work at the courthouse and often regard it as a home away from home.

Indeed, the sentences meted out throughout the San Fernando Courthouse appear to be stiffer than in some larger courthouses. San Fernando has a higher number of convictions resulting in prison sentences than its counterparts in Santa Monica and Van Nuys, for example. In addition, misdemeanor drug violations are routed to the Van Nuys Courthouse, freeing San Fernando to take on more felonies, said Richard P.

Nevertheless, many of the professionals at the San Fernando Courthouse swear by their belief that the court consistently takes a no-nonsense approach to law and order. Major, supervising judge of the Superior Court at San Fernando. Prosecutors at San Fernando insist they are stricter than their counterparts elsewhere, often opting to file felony charges for offenses that, by law, could have been classified as misdemeanors.

Head Deputy Dist. Billy D.

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Webb recalled that a few years ago, a San Fernando judge sentenced a repeat offender to three years in state prison for selling a moderate quantity of drugs. Most of the utilities in the valley are served by public municipal governments, primarily the cities of Los Angeles, Burbank , and Glendale, while there are only two private-owned utilities for gas and electricity in the valley as well. The automobile still remains the dominant form of transportation in the valley. Subway , dedicated transitway , and express and local buses, provided by many agencies, serve the San Fernando Valley.

Some of the former rights-of-way of the Pacific Electric Railway , which first accelerated population growth in the Valley, [41] have been repurposed for busways and light rail lines. The Metro Red Line is the first heavy rail subway in the valley built in With transfers, they connect the Valley to the entire Metro regional light rail and subway network. Construction is set to begin in with a completion date of It will also become the valley's first light rail line in decades.

Metro is also studying a route thru the Sepulveda Pass , the Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor , including a monorail alternative proposal. Metrolink commuter rail has two Valley lines, the Antelope Valley Line and Ventura County Line , which connect the Valley and beyond to downtown Los Angeles and south, becoming one line at the Downtown Burbank station.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority was planning two stations in the Valley, one in Burbank and the other in Sylmar , but the proposed Sylmar high-speed rail station was canceled owing to local opposition from the city of San Fernando. As of now, there's only one planned station in the valley, located in Burbank with an initial section of the railroad possibly opening in During the same year, about 45, PK students, or one in five of all such students, attended the over private schools in the Valley. Busch Gardens was located at the Budweiser brewery in the middle of the valley, but it was torn down in the late s to make room for a massive brewery expansion.

Also, there are two Providence hospitals, in Burbank and Mission Hills. The Valley attempted to secede in the s, but the state passed a law barring city formation without the approval of the City Council. AB 62 was signed into law by Governor Pete Wilson. Though the state rejected the idea of Valley-based districts, it remained an important rallying point for Hertzberg's mayoral campaign, which proved unsuccessful.

In , the San Fernando Valley portion of Los Angeles again seriously campaigned to secede from the rest of the city and become its own new independent and incorporated city. The movement gained some momentum, but measure F did not receive the necessary votes to pass. There were multiple name choices for the new city. According to the San Fernando Guide , the change helped develop a "primarily lower to middle-class suburb into … a collection of art and a home for the artists who ply their trade in the galleries, theaters and dance studios in this small annex.

According to the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council, from through November there was a debate about the official recognition of Lake Balboa as a community by the City of Los Angeles. New community names were not sanctioned by the city until January , when the city adopted a formal community-naming process City of Los Angeles Council File Number 02 As of the population of the San Fernando Valley was 1.

Burbank and the two districts named each have more than , residents. Glendale has more than , residents. Despite the San Fernando Valley's reputation for sprawling, low-density development, the valley communities of Panorama City , North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Reseda , Canoga Park , and Northridge , all in Los Angeles, have numerous apartment complexes and contain some of the densest census tracts in Los Angeles. Another large ethnic element of the populace is the Iranian community, with , people living mainly in west San Fernando Valley communities such as Tarzana , Calabasas , Woodland Hills , Encino , and Sherman Oaks.

The valley is also home to a large Jewish community, with a large part of its population in the North Hollywood and Valley Village areas. African Americans compose 3. The San Fernando Valley has a significant population below the poverty level. In general, the areas with lower poverty rates have become fewer and more scattered, while many of the now affluent communities have become compartmented, having their own private, planned and gated communities.

Many of these tend to be on or near the borders of the Valley in the foothill regions. A cooling off was noted in , when between November and November , median prices rose by the smallest amount of any month period since mid Indeed, November prices were lower than October prices, and sales for November had fallen From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see San Fernando Valley film. Main article: History of the San Fernando Valley. Main article: Los Angeles Aqueduct. Main article: Northridge earthquake.

Griffith Park , located at the southeastern end of the valley in the Hollywood Hills Sepulveda Dam recreation area Hansen Dam recreation area Los Angeles River , with parks of various sizes along the part of the river located in the valley. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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That cadence snuck into my life at that spongelike age of eight and never left.

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The San Fernando valley has become the focal point of the porn industry since the s. It has been dubbed the San Pornando valley and Silicone Valley, a play on the prevalence on artificially enhanced breasts.

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