Public property records albuquerque nm

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Explore Section. Sandoval County. General Office Second St. SW Albuquerque, NM Mailing Address P. Box Albuquerque, NM Office Hours Monday - Friday a.

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Closed on Holidays. Depending on the number of people signed up to speak, speakers will have minutes to speak to the Board.

We recommend you arrive at P. We need to have property owners well represented as the normal attendees for the most part are the free everything types. You can sign up to speak ahead of time by emailing boarded aps.

They will send you a form to fill out. I have a copy of the form that I can email to anyone interested.

Bernalillo County Records

Unable to make plans to attend as I was just alerted last-minute today. I absolutely do not agree with this proposed tax increase and am not aware that any public notice was issued. I am against such an astonishing rate hike. Please vote against this bill.

I am a retired homeowner on a fixed income and cannot afford to subsidize those who are not contributing. Not sure that the answer to poor education is more taxes. I can not believe that school management can not be improved with innovation and that good education can not be delivered within a reasonable budget. Children deserve the a good education and taxpayers deserve good service for the taxes they have to pay from the hard work of earning a living daily.