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In other cases, you will need to physically visit or call the office in the county you are interested in to get access to records. They have digital archives of historic photos, government publications, and lots of other valuable NYC records.

Real Property Tax Offices located in each New York County maintain public records that pertain to personal and real property taxes. Most Real Property Tax Offices provide the public with access to online databases that are searchable by owner name, property classification, street address, tax valuation or plot map ID number.

New York provides a centralized online database with statewide DMV records for easy public access to request various driving-related documents.

You may obtain general information regarding DMV records and official driving record abstracts, as well as your own lifetime driving history or vehicle and title record abstract. VINElink is an e-vendor that provides the general public and crime victims who reside in various states with a centralized virtual source to locate county jail inmates. You may find potentially vital public safety data pertaining to inmates lodged at 60 different local County Correctional facilities located throughout New York State.

The New York Dept. We offer an alternate and meaningful solution for real estate owners who are seeking equitable real estate tax relief.

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Property tax appeals and respective taxes are fundamentally valuation issues. For more than 30 years, the professionals at Hucke and Associates have been recognized as leaders in the industry. Our mission and sole objective is to ensure our clients pay only their fair share in property taxes and our results have been extraordinary.


Over the years we have secured millions of dollars in tax rebates and savings for virtually every segment of the real estate market. Through our expertise, clients are able to stay competitive in the marketplace and make greater gains to the bottom line which results in larger profits. The economic truth is that an asset with lower taxes is more valuable than an asset with higher taxes. We would be pleased to evaluate your real estate and provide our opinion of your current real estate tax position.

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