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The affidavit is available in our office at: W.

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Washington St. Third Floor Nashville, NC Divorced and widowed applicants must provide month and year of when divorce or dissolution occurred. If divorced or widowed for less than a year, certified documents are required.


Applicants 18 to 22 years of age must also provide a certified copy of their birth certificate. Applicants 16 to 17 years of age must also provide a certified copy of their birth certificate.

Consent must be given in person at the register of deeds by one of the following: A parent having full or joint legal custody of the underage marriage applicant A person, agency, or institution having legal custody or serving as guardian of the underage marriage applicant. In either case, picture identification and legal documents proving custody or guardianship are required when consent is required. Provide the month,day, and year of their last divorce.


If the divorce was finalized within 30 days of applying for a marriage license, the applicant must provide an original or certified copy of the divorce decree as well. There is no waiting period between the granting of the divorce and applying for another marriage license. Box , Smithfield, NC If one of the applicants plan to change their name, they will need a certified copy of their marriage license from the Register of Deeds office.

N.C. Marriage License

Because the officiant is allowed ten 10 days to return the license, please allow at least two weeks to request your certified copy. If requesting a copy by mail, please provide the full names of both applicants.

Also include the date of marriage, the number of copies needed, and your payment. A Social Security card is also required for both applicants. If the card is not available, a W-2 form, check stub, or tax return may be presented only if the full social security number is on the document. If the bride or groom does not have a Social Security number, an affidavit must be completed and notarized.

Obtaining a Marriage License

Affidavit forms are located in the Register of Deeds office. If divorced, the party must know the month and year of the divorce decree. If the divorce was finalized during the same month and year of the purchase of the new marriage license, the party must present a copy of the divorce decree. The marriage ceremony must be performed in North Carolina.

Hours of Issuance

The marriage license is valid immediately upon purchase and for 60 days from the date of purchase. On the 61st day, the license expires. The Rowan County Magistrate's Office performs marriages by appointment only.