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  4. Law Enforcement. Email Management. The first thing you should know about motor vehicle records is that the information contained within a driving record is not always found in a standard criminal record check. There are many types of records that are not held within a criminal record in a county courthouse, yet they are contained within a driving record. A great example of this would be a DUI.

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    While a DUI is clearly against the law, it does not immediately result in a criminal record being generated if the individual is not convicted due to a plea of guilt in exchange for a lesser penalty. This means that driving records provide unique insight into offenses as they relate to motor vehicles directly. There are many reasons to evaluate the use of driving records for your organization, but most can be attributed to the need to do your due diligence when putting an employee behind the wheel.

    But there are many roles that are often overlooked when it comes to driving records. Are you running driving records on sales reps that travel? Teachers that drive school district vehicles? Volunteers that drive children for field trips? The reality is that there are many more positions out there that require the use of a vehicle than most people think of.

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    Anytime someone is driving while on company business, they need to be considered a company driver and undergo an appropriate motor vehicle driving record check. The standard process for organizations who wish to screen their employees is to conduct a pre-employment background check post-offer.

    This means that a background check is conducted after they have accepted the position, but before their first day of work. Once the first transaction is complete, you will be given the opportunity to return to the selection list to purchase other records. An ink jet or laser printer.

    For instructions on how to read a 39 month uncertified MVR, click here. The cost for this service is charged on a per record response basis. This service is designed for you to obtain your record only. Please refer to question, " What is MVR? Check cards are linked to checking accounts and are accepted anywhere credit cards are accepted.

    Motor Vehicle Record

    In addition, some Kiosks are equipped with cash and check acceptors. ServiceArizona is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with the exception of the following time periods: Transactions cannot be performed during the scheduled maintenance periods: Between PM and AM daily; and Between midnight and AM each Sunday.

    If you have additional questions, please contact the Motor Vehicle Division at one of the numbers listed below. What is ServiceArizona? What types of records can I obtain through MVR? To Whom will my motor vehicle record information be released?

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