Mothers finding purpose with their lives

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Independently playtime helps children explore, learn on their own, strike up creativity and expand their attention span. It also gives you a quick break to breathe — or more likely, make dinner or fold a load of laundry you just fluffed for the 4 th time. Learn how to give your children time each day as part of your routine to play by themselves. Even newborns can benefit from this independent playtime and gradually with age, you build up the amount of solo time.

7 Things to Tell Your Children About The Purpose in Life

Including age-appropriate chores into the daily routine also builds upon their independence and increases responsibility and confidence , too. Part of the juggle of being a Stay at Home Mom, is including time for yourself away from your kids. The point is that you make time to do something for yourself that you enjoy, everyday.

When you become a mother, your identity changes from who you were before you had kids whether that was a career you worked hard to build or the freedom you had. No one has actual on-the-job experience of how to be a super Mom, before they find themselves with a child in their arms. Motherhood is a territory you feel your way through, as you are experiencing it. Moms who rock the Stay at Home lifestyle understand that their children are not perfect and neither are they. Everyone makes mistakes and parents and children are learning how to be just that, in the moment.


Tough behavior, tough periods, tough emotions will always run their course. There will always be periods of chaos in motherhood.

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There is no such thing as a perfect Mom or a perfect family. Let go of aiming to be the perfect Mom , and instead know that imperfection will make you a happier mother. Great post! I am a SAHM of a 5 month old and starting to realize it can be a little lonely! This really helped me.

ROUTINE TIP: Routine Cards & Charts Help Kids Learn Routine Quickly

Thank you! Thanks Kirstin. As your baby gets older and more active, and doest nap as much, it certainly gets easier to get out more and socialize more.

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What a great post! Everything you said in this post is so true and helpful. Thank you for writing this. Ive been a stay home mom for 5 years im only Everything you said is so true thank you. All though i do need friends, this whole talking to the walls when kids are watching t. Thank you for writing this!!

The tips you shared were such a necessary reminder and so eloquently said. This was so beautifully written. It is like you took everything that I have every thought or struggled with as a SAHM and put it into one blog post. In fact, I am going through one now and this article is just what I needed.

So thank you! All I had learned about parenting and momlife was turned upside down with this new tiny baby who was constantly crying. In those early months with two under two, my sister and her toddler would come stay with me for days that Conor worked. We would take turns rocking Lenayah in whatever fashion she preferred at the time, while the other kept the older two kids busy and fed. I did no thriving. Non-stop Netflix streaming, goldfish crackers laid out on the table for independent toddler grazing, me wearing whatever clean PJs I could find and lots of coffee and protein shakes while I welled up with exhaustion and anxiety being held hostage by a crying baby.

Possibly getting laundry folded! I knew they were there! Specifically — fighting this gritty season of motherhood. All the information I would seek out on finding balance. All the put together moms I would corner in the grocery store parking lot shaking them down for answers. There are always more chores, events, crying kids in a day than there are hours, hands and consolation waffles. Because then that means I can be the mom I am meant to be rather than aim to be the sum of all the other moms I compare myself to.

We have to choose what we want our own day to be. Maybe you are ready to let go of trying to be the sum of all mothers. Maybe you are looking at some choices too. Hill, P. Parent-child conflict during elementary school as a longitudinal predictor of sense of purpose in emerging adulthood. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 48, — Sense of purpose and parent—child relationships in emerging adulthood.

Emerging Adulthood, 4, — This is also a lot of hot air.

10 Prayers for Weary Mothers - Find Renewed Strength and Purpose

Many people wrongly ASSUME that there is mother child conflict, when in fact the mom is just doing the job of parenting and teaching the child to have respect, to be involved and to put in effort when they want to achieve something. When the child balks and refuses to do their part in it and makes unreasonable demands from as early as a toddler, people make the assumption that it is the mother's fault. The reason that dad's don't get put in this category is probably the biggest reason for lack of purpose in life, because the dad is most often emotionally and physically absent from the child's life, beginning in infancy through to leaving home, where dad is stroking his ego for bringing up a great kid, when he had basically nothing to do with it, because he was too busy with work, hanging with the boys and cheating with many women.

It is your unwanted interventions of coaching and brainwashing the children against their parents that causes any form of conflict. He has also done graduate work in clinical psychology and neuropsychology in U. Back Psychology Today.

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