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Lydia T. Frederick T. George L. Moulton Mar Massachusetts, United States. Lydia M. Moulton Jul Massachusetts, United States. Morris M. Moulton 17 Jan - 10 Sep Merrick Moulton 01 May - Sarah Moulton managed by Rebecca Munn. Sarah J. S Moulton managed by S Moulton 1. Rasband last edited 8 Aug Jonathan Moulton 21 Sep Rasband last edited 7 Aug Valerie L. Moulton s managed by Valerie Moulton last edited 24 Jul Lucy Moulton 09 Nov managed by Nina Pyne. Hannah Moulton 02 Jan Thomas Moulton - 03 Oct Theodore Moulton - 21 Aug Rasband last edited 10 Jul Edward Moulton managed by Ken Hess.

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George Moulton abt Fincham, Norfolk, England. Richard Moulton abt Grimbsy, Lincolnshire, England. Robert Moulton Crimplesham, Norfolk, England. Sarah Moulton Crimplesham, Norfolk, England. Betty J. Moulton Baggarly s - s managed by Kelley Touhy last edited 17 Apr Robert H. Bernard R. Elizabeth Sarah Moulton Conant 19 Mar - abt Lydia Marie Moulton 19 Jan - 16 Dec Ada Electa Moulton Theisen 31 Jul - abt Clarence A.

Moulton s - s. Robert Moulton Jr. The story goes that his father was part of a hospital ship crew in port in Maine in 1-? She gave birth in a home for unwed mothers Her name was Ruth Herbert and was 19 years old at the time of birth. My father was never officially adopted and came to my grandmother as a foster child between 15 mo to 2 years of age. The name of the father on my Dad's birth certificate.

I am not sure if she knew the birth parents or if there was a relation involved but my father's adoptive sister's son and him resemble each other close enough to confuse my children. Update We believe birth fathers last name is Schlandt, he was born about? He was working on a hospital ship relief crew the beginning of? Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: White?

Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: White? Adoptee Birth Hospital:? I have no other information and would like to know my birth family heritage for my family tree. If you find anything do not hesitate to call or contact me. He has several children. My father adoptee has always had brown eyes and brown hair, has dimples on his cheeks. Update He is 5'2" tall. We do not have any other info on his birth parents or birth family at this time.

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Email Address: helen. His foster mother Rita Oakes her married name, not maiden knew something but John never was able to get her to tell him. We recently married and had to have Johns birth certificate so he got a new one and it has Rita's name on it as mother, his original one did not. John does not know what to make of this. All Other Information: I am the daughter of adoptee looking for father's birth parents.

Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Caucasian? Email Address: gratefulgirl2 yahoo. Email Address: career2 comcast. Update Birth mother was 18 years old at time of birth. She had blue eyes and blonde hair. No info on birth father. Adoptee Gender: Female? Email Address: dmadoption gmail. Adoptee Birth Hospital: St. Hoping that someone knows her or can give me info. On her from any records. I believe that she could have possible married a man called Lionel Daniels or Robert Boissy but am not sure. Please help me someone with any info. Mary's Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney:?

All Other Information: Any info would be great Update I have light blue eyes and brown hair before it turned gray! I don't know the color of my biological parents eyes or hair. Adoptee Birth City:? Adoptee Birth County:? I would love to find her, but don't have much information to go on Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Given up at birth? City adoption took place: Portland, ME or? State adoption took place: Maine or Massachusetts? Miller Email Address: pambrag roadrunner. Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Was taken sometime between birth and 1 year. Email Address: kjbell aol.

I wrote a letter to the State of Maine hoping to find out some more information, but because it was a closed adoption I received very little information. They were able to tell me that Lawrence had passed away in California as an adult and that Gloria was adopted at the age of two.

My mother was born a year after Gloria was taken by the state and thankfully was raised by a loving aunt and uncle who took great care of her and she remained in the family. Birth father had brown hair and blue eyes. Update I was misinformed with some of it. There were actually 3 children taken by the state. Lawrence was killed in a construction accident in Florida not California at the age of Information that my mother has, stated he was never adopted and lived with a foster family.

However, I am still unable to come up with anyone by the name of Lawrence St. Peter, which leads me to believe he may have gone by his foster families last name even if it wasn't legal. Peter was the older of the three, about 3 or 4 when he was taken. Peter was also never adopted and lived with foster families. He spent a good deal of his adult life in Pine Village in Bangor with mental issues. My mom had met Peter and he has since passed away. The information I have on Gloria still remains the same. The state reported that she was a healthy, baby girl who was adopted out of Cumberland County.

Mom recalls someone telling her that the three of them were taken to a foster family in Portage, ME before they were placed with other families. But nothing he ever said seemed to be true. I have only the sketchiest details. I could have been black market. Email Address: mooncrier yahoo. All Other Information: I was born at approximately a. Update Birth mother was 17 or 18 years old? I am 5'10" tall, with green eyes and dark blonde hair. I have no other info on my birth parents or birth family at this time.

Deceased City adoption took place:? Deceased Email Address: raynepickering yahoo. Email Address: cora14 comcast. Marys Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney:? All Other Information: 3 siblings born prior to my birth Dr. Johnson, D. Harry Ring, Jr. Heal Email Address: elvezlady yahoo. All Other Information: Birth mother she would be my sons biological Grandmother, his father Thomas has passed away. Looking for birth mother, birth father, birth siblings, medical information as well, Thomas' son now 41, had cancer in his 20's, and Thomas had medical conditions that led to his death at We are seeking birth relatives for medical and connection to biological relatives.

We are seeking information to provide it to grandson, now age Elliott Email Address: be icloud. Email Address: sueannschilling yahoo. She had a boyfriend that passed away between the divorce from Melvin Paddack and the marriage to George Feix. No one knew until this past year that there was another child, that was born out of wedlock. His hospital Birth certificate was found. We have more information on his time of birth and even have a foot print to compare if needed. Please let us know if you have any information that might help us out in finding our lost family member. Update Birth mother was 25 at time of birth.

Update Birth mother was blond with blue eyes Email Address: 3delectricinc gmail. My birth brother was adopted in Massachusetts. I believe he was born around 4-? Hale Email Address: frogfishing09 aol. All Other Information: Found my birth mother's info. Her DOB Died She was from Caribou, Maine and after giving birth to me she joined the Army. Sent to Germany. I have two half brothers born to Penny. He was possible several years older than Penny. Adoptee Birth Hospital: Community Gen. Adoption Agency or Attorney: Mr.

Birth mother had many children she gave up, adoptive parents adopted 3 of us in a row, , , Date Received: Date Posted: Last Updated: Adoptee Birth Date:? Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Newborn? Email Address: lookingforsib yahoo. My Mom was 12 or 13 years old when she had him. All I know is he was born by Portland, Maine and she was put in a home for unwed mothers but she does not know the name of the home.

All Other Information: My birth mother was born in? The name of my birth mother as listed on the birth certificate was Gloria Marie Shore, although from the signature that was signed it is unclear that it says Shore or something else.

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The thing that is really weird, is about 3 years ago I obtained my non-identifying information from Me Dept. City adoption took place: Caribou,? Email Address: anitamorin43 yahoo.

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Email Address: tkelly margs. City adoption took place: Biddeford,? ME County adoption took place: York County? Email Address: caramethot yahoo. The only information we have been told is that she was botn on or The name given at birth would have been Debra or Deborah with middle name Ann or Anne. No birth father information is known, but birth mothers maiden name was Nicholas. Have no adoption information of when or where it took place. Also know nothing about adopted parents. Any information at all, even if it seems like nothing would be greatly appreciated.

All Other Information: Searching for any birth siblings, birth cousins, anyone who can help me connect with who I am and where I come from. Turning 56 and time seems to be running away. My grandfather's name was Harry Copeland Skinner Flora Colby. I believe I have a birth sibling by the name of Kathleen Kane. I met my birth half aunt by the name of Katherine Karatsanos but did not get much information. My grandfather was listed as "mulatto" in records I have found on Ancestry.