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Ontario Blue Dream I don't have to do nothing but stay black and die. Charleston YM Salute. Tha Carter V Just wanna listen to You Ain't Know. YM Salute on about a year ago. Yandhi 6ix9ine V on about a year ago.

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Their Like Father Like Son collaboration marks yet another historical milestone proffered by the prolific Cash Money imprint, the New Orleans hip-hop empire which launched in and is responsible for a diverse array of best selling artists. Limited Edition Version with 4 bonus tracks at no extra cost. All Black Friday.

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All Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone. Black Friday Sale! All Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy. I'd actually like to be able to give this a higher rating, as Geraldine strikes me as far more genuine than most of her contemporaries, but its high gloop-to-music ratio has prevented me. Last Show: Handsome. Lou Reed fanatic Peter Laughner is one of those 'legendary' figures whose actual output is remarkably sparse; in this case, Laughner played in Cleveland's iconic Rocket From the Tombs, some of whose members went on to form the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu Laughner played on the latter outfit's early singles , before dying in of drug-related causes, aged all of If you're not into the Velvets, it probably isn't the easiest listen ever, particularly very low-fi opener Sister Ray, taken from a rehearsal tape, although the actual gig is at least listenable.

Mostly Velvets covers, the band also tackle All Along The Watchtower, dedicating it to Hendrix a mere three years dead at the time , although it has more in common with Dylan's original recording. It has to be said that much of Black's playing consists of no more than the root note repeated ad infinitum , shifting up an down an octave as the tapes run out, although she definitely redeems herself with that Watchtower part.

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Do you buy this? Depends how badly you want to hear Velvets songs played by an acolyte, badly recorded, with extra added Mellotron. The Last Show isn't a bad album, but unless you're really into this stuff, the endless versions of Lou and Co's songs are, well, endless.

Nice 'Tron solo on Watchtower, though. It's not a bad album, but highlights like opener Day Like Any or Never Been Sadder are often overshadowed by the rather ordinary country numbers that litter the record. Paul Taylor's credited with various things, including Mellotron, which finally appears on Set It Down although it's supposed to be on Nightingale, too , with strings wobbly enough to be real, making a nice change. Bettye Lavette should be a household name, but, despite working with the likes of Otis Redding and James Brown in her youth, a run of bad luck in the '70s thanks, Atlantic Records diverted her career into stage shows the following decade.

She was in her late fifties by the time she was rediscovered in the early s, since when she's enjoyed a late-career renaissance and, going by 's Worthy , not before time. Patrick Warren does his increasingly-rare Chamberlin thing here; despite the high-speed run in the song, that has to be Chamby strings on When I Was A Young Girl and string swells on Bless Us All, although that would appear to be it. This will by no means appeal to my 'usual' readers, but it's an excellent album within its genre. Avril Lavigne is known mainly to me, at least for her irritating worldwide hit, Sk8er Boi aaargh!

Like Father Like Son - Lil Wayne Feat. Birdman,

She seems to align her self with 'punk', but is reported to have never heard of the Sex Pistols, or heard the Ramones, making her claims more than a little suspect, although, in fairness, she was born in , making it all relatively ancient history to her. She's romantically linked to a member of Sum 41 , a thoroughly faceless so-called 'punk' outfit, completely interchangeable with Blink , or any other current band with a number in their name. Above all else, she reminds me of her awful countrywoman Alanis Morissette , although I'm aware that's a lazy comparison.

No Woman, No Cry

Under My Skin is unlikely to appeal to many people over the age of 20, so it was a foregone conclusion I'd hate it. If it had even the tiniest sliver of originality, or just vaguely attempted to sound like nothing else, rather than everything, I might be able to cope with it. As it is, it's a thoroughly professional record, with no obvious redeeming features whatsoever, although I don't feel justified in giving it an even lower star rating.

As for the 'punk' bit, half the tracks are piano ballads; not something I recall hearing from the Ramones or the Pistols. Patrick Warren plays Chamberlin on it, but all I can hear is cellos assuming they're Chamby on Fall To Pieces and Slipped Away, although some of the album's string parts could possibly be tape-replay, too.

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So; a bloody waste of time. Avoid if you're out of your teens or indeed, old enough to have sired one.

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