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Also, from time to time, I need an address history. I appreciate your analysis.

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It gives a good starting point to check out these services. Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. We may earn money when you click on our links. Learn More. Home Security Best of. Security Products. Smart Home Best of. Product Compatibility. Safety Personal Safety. Child Safety. Independent Living.

Pet Safety. Online Security Background Check. Password Managers. Financial Security Identity Protection. Community Resources. Get Home Security. Best Background Check Services of Best overall. Starting from. Court runner service. View Plans. Best monthly price. Lowest monthly price. Most accurate information.

Unlimited reports with membership. Best trial. Android app. Best for standalone searches. No membership required. Inexpensive 3-day trial. By Brianne Sandorf. See all articles.

How to run a free background check

October 23, Share Article. Best background check services for Legal use of background check services. Compare background check services. All of the services we recommend include the following information: Age Phone numbers Email Addresses Work history Relatives or neighbors or associates Assets Criminal offenses Where does background check information come from? BeenVerified Best overall.

Best overall. Our rating:. Customer service. What we like about BeenVerified. How much does BeenVerified cost? PeopleLooker Best monthly price. What we like about PeopleLooker. How much does PeopleLooker cost?

Best Background Check Services of 12222

PeopleLooker uses the same automated phone system for cancellation as BeenVerified. TruthFinder Most accurate information. TruthFinder is our favorite option for tracking down recent information. What we like about Truthfinder. How much does TruthFinder cost? Image captured on TruthFinder's site. Instant Checkmate Best trial. When it comes to trying a service temporarily, Instant Checkmate is our favorite option.

Instant Checkmate. What we like about Instant Checkmate. How much does Instant Checkmate cost? Instant Checkmate trial. PeopleFinders Best for standalone searches. PeopleFinders lets you run one-off background checks without enrolling in its membership plan. What we like about PeopleFinders. How much does PeopleFinders cost? Other background check companies to consider. Intelius costs a little bit less than our top companies, but its reports include much less information. US Search. By contrast, almost every other service lets you run a check with a first name, last name, and city.

It also includes marriage and divorce records, the unicorns of background check searches. Net Detective. We love a good Harry Potter reference—and in a world of generically-named background check services, AccioData stands out. Tenant and pre-employment background checks. RentPrep Best tenant screening service. Best tenant screening service. Visit RentPrep. GoodHire Best employee screening service. Best employee screening service.

Visit GoodHire. Best nanny background check service. Visit eNannySource. Why you need to run background checks. Survey respondents said they lied on applications or profiles. Too much trust, or not enough awareness? Background check accuracy. Survey methodology. Background check service FAQ. What is a background check? What comes up on a background check? Opting out blues. Some of these records are protected by local privacy laws. None of our top five sites use marriage or divorce records. Instant Checkmate is the only top site that states it includes birth records.

Similarly, PeopleLooker and Instant Checkmate are the only top sites who say they search death records for their reports. We noticed that TruthFinder, at least, included more information in reports than the brand advertises.

What does a basic background check include?

When can I use a regular background check service? Screen someone for employment Make decisions about promotions or employment terminations Screen potential tenants Evaluate household workers like nannies, cleaners, landscapers, etc. Determine eligibility for credit or insurance Decide whether to give someone a scholarship or admit them to an educational program.

Where do I get a background check? Can I do a Google search instead? Our recommendation. As a recap, here are our recommendations for best background check companies. PeopleLooker is similar to BeenVerified but at a lower price. Instant Checkmate offers an inexpensive trial with a wealth of information. Best Background Check Services of By. Written by. Before joining ASecureLife, she worked on an award-winning gun safety course and served on a workplace safety committee. She has pieces and quotes published across the web, including on Stanford's student blog and Parents. Her hobbies include wearing a seatbelt, wearing a life jacket, and keeping her arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

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Background Checks and Criminal Records

April 12, at pm. April 10, at pm. Have you done an online background check of yourself lately?

Background Checking: Resources That Help | Family Caregiver Alliance

There are several reasons you should. There might be erroneous information about you floating around the Internet or in your credit report. Maybe you'll find a picture of yourself or a comment you made years ago somewhere that's a little embarrassing. These things will pop up and hurt your chances the next time you apply for a loan or a job.

Fortunately, you can take steps to correct or remove this damaging information. It's also a very good idea to do a background check before taking on a roommate or going out on a date with that new crush you met online. You never know what sort of worrying or dangerous details could be lurking in someone's past. Because checking people's background is such a pressing need, there are dozens of ways to go about this. Fortunately, several ways won't cost you a thing. Before I continue, I should point out a tricky fact about background checks.

If you are performing a background check as a landlord or employer — or for credit, medical or insurance reasons — you can't use just any service. A CRA has to maintain certain standards for data protection and offer dispute resolution. If you do reject a potential tenant or employee even semi-informal employees like domestic workers based on a background check from a company that isn't a CRA, you could wind up in trouble.

You can find a fairly complete list of CRAs on my website. The list is helpfully divided into categories such as credit reporting, employment history, insurance, renting and so on. Note that you can request and dispute the information that these CRAs have on file for you. For checking on potential roommates or romantic partners, you can use just about any service or legal method.

The simplest option for a background check is to hire a professional service.

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You can find dozens of background check agencies online. You will need to watch out for scam companies.