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Getting Started This service allows you to search for a specific record within the Delinquent Tax database to make a payment on. To begin, please enter the appropriate information in one of the searches below. Search by Name. Last name only is the preferred search method.

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For a more refined search try including the first name i. Last Name, First Name. Search by Address. Enter the address of the record you are attempting to search on. Examples include: Main Street, or for an address range enter Main Street. Search by Parcel Number.

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Enter the parcel number of the record you are attempting to search on. Parcel Number:. Please contact your local municipality if you believe there are errors in the data. Public Records Search. All Record Search. Online Payments.

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Performance Dashboard. Select a Municipality. Sign In. Some of our services include:. Phone: Fax: The Clayton Township Zoning Administrator may be one of the first people a resident or developer sees when considering a project in the Township. The Zoning Administrator answers questions specific to the Township zoning ordinance and works with the Planning Commission regarding changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Master Plan.

Applications for re-zoning, special conditional use, site plan review, variances and zoning permits are submitted to the Zoning Administrator for initial review and processing. In addition the Commission has the following duties:. Planning Commission appoinments.

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Planning Commission members have appointed positions of three year staggered terms. All meetings are open to the public as required by the Open Meetings Act. Requests for the meeting minutes or other documents related to the Planning Commission may be made to the Township Clerk under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. The responsibilities of the Zoning Board of Appeals are to:. Zoning Board of Appeals Appointments. Zoning Board of Appeals members have appointed positions of three year staggered terms.

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  • The Clayton Township Zoning Board of Appeals meet quarterly 4-times yearly on the second Monday of the given month at p. Building Inspections Days: Monday — Thursday. Building Permits :. Zoning Permits :. Wednesdays, a. Phone: Email: Assessor claytontownship. Clayton Township Assessors are currently in the field actively evaluating properties and will be continuing to assess properties over the next few months.

    Assessors will have photo I. To manage the inventory and valuation of taxable parcels of all real property tangibles ; land, buildings and personal property held by businesses within the Township.

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    July 17, at A. December 11, at A.

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    • Phone: Email: clerk claytontownship. Deputy Clerk: Celeste Sywyk Email: csywyk claytontownship.

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      Treasurer: Rick Caruso Phone: Multiply the taxable value by the millage rate and divide by Tax bills are generally mailed out the first of July and the first of December. If you have not received your tax bill by the end of the first week of the month, please contact the township and we will be happy to mail, fax or have ready a copy of your tax bill.

      What if my mortgage company handles my taxes in an escrow account? Tax bills are mailed to the owner of each property and should be forwarded to your escrow account handler. In some cases, tax servicing companies and mortgage companies submit a request on behalf of all the properties they service and obtain tax bill information from the township.

      The winter bill is due by February 28 each year.