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However, ISPs are not usually likely to part with your personal data unless you have committed a crime. Having said that, in the US, the Trump administration has made it legal for ISPs to sell web browsing histories to third parties. This makes it possible that your records might be purchased by a random third party. So how long do these ISP records last? In Australia, ISPs must store web browsing histories for two years, while in the UK, mandatory data retention lasts for 12 months.

In the US, where ISPs are permitted to make a profit from such records, they could hang around indefinitely. This means they are only temporary. Under some circumstances, turning off your router might be enough to assign you a new IP from the pool. So even if you are automatically allocated a new IP address it is done on a first come, first serve basis , your web browsing habits are still being recorded by your ISP.

Here's How to Trace Location of a Person by Chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp

Building a detailed user profile from IP addresses is not an exact science. Dynamic addresses change when they are reassigned, and a number of people often share a single IP address. This makes targeting ads based on IP addresses somewhat inefficient. Despite this, you may have noticed that after your partner, friend, or family member, searches for something - like watches or handbags - you also receive advertising for these products on your devices.

Details about an IP address include:

This is because of IP address targeted advertising. IP targeted advertising is also used to perform location-aware advertising. This ensures that you only see adverts for things close to where you live. If you use a BitTorrent client to download pirated content then it is easy for a copyright holder to see your IP address, as peers can always see the IP address of other peers downloading the same content. Legal firms working on behalf of copyright holders are known to send out fines to people who they believe have pirated content via P2P. For this reason, it is highly advisable to protect yourself with a VPN if you intend to download via P2P.

Once they have the IP address of fake account user , they will then need to get a court order for the ISP to reveal the information and billing address of the person involved to find out who made a fake facebook account over this network. Remember, if the phony profile user had used a proxy server to hide real-IP, it would be tough to trace a fake FB account holder. You might also like: How to hack Facebook password. Step 1 Collect as much information about the fake account as you can and identify all of the people who are connected to it as friends.

Make a list of connected people to this account who are your real life friends. Step 2 Select any of your close friend or relative on that list. The person which you have selected will be doing all the job for you. Step 4 In this step, we are going to create a specially crafted tracking URL that will fetch us all the details of the fake profile user banner grabbing. You can find the list of other tracking tools here: List of IP tracking tools Tracing Facebook user location.

Step 5 In the next page, you will get all the tracking information as shown below.

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Copy the newly created short tracking URL. Step 7 Ask your friend to send this tracking URL to the fake user along with some exciting message via messenger. Sample message:. Hey, I found this lost girl with a dumb look on her face. Can someone please help me with this?

There is someone who created a fake user name to follow me and I know who it is, I just need proof. Some please help!! My sister is being impersonated on Instagram, can you please find the account we need to know who this is. Can someone help me please, I am being threatened for being guy through Instagram and I want to know who is it coming from. I got two IP addresses but they are linked to Facebook?

Please help me my friend is being stalked and threatened can you send me info please e-mail me if you can help! I can tell you the account later.

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Why it's Important to protect your IP address

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