Expungement of dui conviction in kentucky


Any other person whom you have reason to believe may have relevant information related to the expungement is also notified. The inability to locate a victim will not delay a hearing.

An expungement is typically granted if you have not been convicted of another felony or misdemeanor during the five-year period or as long as the offense is not one subject to enhancement for a second or subsequent offense. If you would like to petition for your records to be expunged, you can work with a criminal defense attorney who can help build your case for the hearing and allow you to return to your normal life. Mitchell , KY Ft.

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Mitchell Law Office Map. Furthermore, you must avoid having any additional charges or convictions violations, misdemeanors or felonies in the time since you began seeking the expungement.

How to expunge a DUI offense in Kentucky

This means if an employer, housing application or what have you asks about your criminal history, you typically do not have to disclose the details surrounding your DUI conviction. The conviction will, however, remain on the public record in most cases, meaning members of the public may still be able to find information about it online or in other places.

Kentucky DUI Law - About, Penalties, & Aggravating Circumstances

Having a criminal record has the capacity to affect everything from where you can work to where you can live, and one mistake can have considerable consequences on the rest of your life. An expungement may be the first step in rebuilding and moving forward with your life. Mitchell , KY Ft. You are not currently in proceedings for a felony, misdemeanor or violation; or no proceeding in pending or being instituted against you. The offense that you were convicted of was against the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Can you get a Kentucky DUI off your record?

Provide the necessary information for our office to file a petition in the court of Kentucky where you were originally convicted of the misdemeanor. Assist us by providing evidence to establish your defense and develop proof for the court that you have no previous felony convictions. Provide necessary documentation proving that your driving record and criminal record were clear for the five years prior to, and for the five years after your misdemeanor DUI conviction.