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California Adult Criminal Record Forms – Conviction or Other Disposition

While obligations exist for the courts and DOJ to maintain these records, it is not uncommon for either agency to inadvertently "miss" an entry into a government system. Thus, it is not unusual to see a California DOJ record which describes the initial arrest, but fails to document the final case result, which may be a dismissal.

DOJ keeps some old records in a "manual" form, which is sometimes noted in their computer system, as well. Newer case entries are maintained in the DOJ computer system. While LASC may purge misdemeanor files years after judgment, case docket "history" will remain for decades, on either microfilm, or in the automated computer system, which has maintained criminal conviction records since LASC maintains these records in the event a problem is revealed with a case in the future, so a basic evaluation about a case may be made.

Misdemeanor case records are also maintained in many private records systems, most commonly kept for background checks by potential employers. These records are collected from a variety of sources, and are often found to be incorrect either lacking complete information or containing mistakes. Unfortunately, once a mistake occurs in the record-keeping process, the problem generally perpetuates itself many times over in the future.

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For purposes of Los Angeles criminal cases, official government records generally remain in place, unless the records are: 1. Destroyed 2. How do you know what is on your criminal record? Criminal records in Los Angeles are usually considered a public record. There is a nominal charge for each page provided to you by the clerk. If the case is older than and the Clerk's Office does not have an automated record, you will likely need to make the record request at "Archives. We will provide the forms.

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The process will be supervised by criminal defense attorney, Peter Sebastian, who is also an adjunct professor at UWLA. Jail time is ok. NOT have an open criminal case pending against you. NOT be on probation or parole for any offense. Also, If you did not get probation, a year must have passed since pronouncement of judgment on a misdemeanor; or, a year since mandatory supervision after incarceration for a felony; or, 2 years after incarceration WITHOUT mandatory supervision.

Prop 47 relief is available regardless of your case status. This is very important because the docket will give us the information we need to be able to help you.

You must have been convicted in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Convictions in other counties are also eligible; however, we are not assisting with convictions from other counties at this time. Then, You must file the completed paperwork from the workshop at the Courthouse where you were convicted. You do not need an appointment to get your docket, and there is no charge for this. What if I have more than one conviction? Otherwise, expunging one conviction may have little effect on your record as a whole, and may not improve employment, or other opportunities.

What is an Expungement in California?

How do I get a copy of my criminal record? Many places offer this, including some police stations. You then wait a couple days for your criminal record to be mailed to you. The process does not allow anyone to see your record but you. There is a fee waiver available for part of this cost.

What does expungement cost? If so, you will not be required to pay the fee. Filing, payment, and service of process on the prosecutor, may all be done through the mail.

What is expungement?

If I go through all this, am I guaranteed to get rid of this conviction? An expungement does not completely get rid of the record. And with this changed, you can legally say you were never convicted, unless you are applying for a government job. Then you would say you had a case expunged.

Expungement Of Criminal Records In California

The record of arrest remains.