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In certain places, a certified disposition fee may be required to process your request. See this article for details. Ask the Circuit Clerk for copies of your court dispositions or use the public computer at the courthouse to look them up and print them out. There may be a fee to get copies of or print out your court dispositions, but you can look at them on the computer and write down the information for free. Some circuits may have online record searching. Find the Circuit Clerk website for your county here. How can I look up a case online? In some counties, you can find a public court record by searching by name or case number.

The site offers basic information about the parties and the docket entries, which tell you what happened in the case on each court date. Depending on what county the court case was in, there are different websites you may use. Several counties have their search websites. However, the docket entries have the information you want to know, like whether someone has been sued or evicted before. How do I find federal criminal records?

The process can be handled online or through the mail. If you choose to submit a paper form, you must request that the FBI email you an application. Note: There is a charge to get federal court records.

Your Personal Data May Be Exposed In Cook County Traffic Records

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Average: 3. Frequently asked questions about court records Are court records open to the public? How do I find a court record in person? Find the Circuit Clerk website for your county here Go to the Clerk's office at the courthouse where the court case was filed, see the Illinois Court's website Give the Clerk the case number and ask to see the case file; or if you do not know the case number, most clerks have computers to search by name.

Once you have the case number, the Clerk can then get the court file for you.

Cook County Clerk's Office

How do I use Judici. Go to the Judici. Information tab : necessary information about the case Dispositions tab : the result of the case was. History tab : what happened in the case on each court date. If you see Pay Now listed, this court will allow you to pay the fees online and get a receipt Where can I find court records on the county clerk's website? Kankakee County Circuit Clerk's website.

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Kendall County Circuit Clerk's website. Lake County Circuit Clerk's website. LaSalle County Circuit Clerk's website. Madison County Circuit Clerk's website. McLean County Circuit Clerk's website. Bergen County had less than , people in , so the county clerk does more than file birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates [source: Census ]. The clerk's office also files and processes residents' passport applications and property deeds, issues county IDs, gives, and files licenses for local doctors and business owners.

Residents seeking U.

Bergen County's clerk also confirms and licenses notary publics and sometimes officiates at wedding ceremonies [source: Bergen County Clerk's Office ]. Bergen County is fairly typical in its clerk's duties.

Facts About Cook County Court Records

The state of Texas requires its county clerks to oversee local elections. In San Juan County, New Mexico, the clerk is responsible for compiling the minutes of the official meetings of the local board of commissioners.

Some county clerks also serve as the clerk of courts for the county probate judge. This means they're responsible for compiling and maintaining the paperwork for each case the judge hears.

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Whether the county clerk stays busy through the sheer volume of records or the addition of extra responsibilities, his or her office is often underfunded and understaffed. How E-voting Works. How State Dinners Work. In a county as large as Los Angeles, the clerk is pretty much going to stick to filing vital records, since there are so many of them. How does the FCC police obscenity?