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California Apostille Agents is the best choice for obtaining a California apostille for your important documents. We are not only the local authority on obtaining CA apostilles for your documents at the Los Angeles office of the California Secretary of State, but we provide the most personal and reliable service available. All of our California Apostille Agents have at least 10 years of notary and apostille experience.

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We are also an officially-registered service provider of the California Secretary of State. We make sure every step of the way goes smoothly by having one California Apostille Agent and CA-Licensed Notary Public work with you from start to finish.

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One California-licensed notary takes your document through the entire process. Sacramento County.

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Immigrants Can Now Get Mexican Birth Certificates In U.S.

Toggle navigation Text Only. Dept Breadcrumb. Forms Affidavit of Homeless Status Application for a Birth Certificate Information A fee-exempt copy of a birth record may be obtained from the local registrar or county recorder office in the county where the registrant was born.

A fee-exempt copy cannot be obtained from the State Registrar. Each eligible person may receive only one fee-exempt birth record, per application. Requests for fee-exempt copies are still subject to other requirements outlined in the application form.

How to apostille a California Birth Certificate issued in the County of Sonoma

Applications for a certified copy of a birth record may be obtained by contacting the vital records office in the county where the birth occurred. Requests may be submitted in person, by mail, or by fax. Eligibility Requirements Requests may be made by a homeless person, child or youth who can verify status as homeless.

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  • Requests may be made by a homeless person, child, or youth on behalf of themselves or by any person lawfully entitled to request a certified record of live birth on behalf of a homeless person, child, or youth.